09 Jan

Pic Your Values - Photography Competition 2020

Venue : Colombo
Date : 01/09/2020
Time : 11:00 AM

What? ‘Pic Your Values’ is back this year to celebrate World Photography Day on August 19. The Asia Foundation calls all amateur photographers to reflect on what inspires them to promote a better Sri Lanka, and share this through photography. The ‘Pic Your Values’ photography competition is based on six core humanistic values: peace, tolerance, respect, honesty, compassion, and cooperation. For Whom? Anyone between the age of 18 to 29 (as of August 19, 2020). How? 1. Take a photograph that depicts one of the values mentioned above. 2. You are allowed to submit a maximum of 2 photographs; only 1 entry per value. 3. Save your picture(s) under your name and the name of the value it represents. (For example, if you are sending a photograph that depicts ‘Tolerance’, the image should be titled and saved as ‘[Your name] - Tolerance’.) 4. Email your photograph(s) to: 5. Please include the following details in your email: • full name • date of birth • NIC number • Residential address • contact number (preferably a landline and a mobile phone) • a caption and a brief description explaining how the photograph depicts the value selected (a maximum of 50 words will be allowed for each description) Why? • The top three winners, in each category, will be awarded a certificate by The Asia Foundation and giftpacks. • Winning photographs will be featured on the Values4All website mobile app, and social media pages, with credit to the photographers. Photograph Specifications: • Images should be saved in JPEG format • Image resolution should be a minimum of 300 dpi • Photograph can be in colour or monochrome • Pictures can be taken from a mobile phone or a digital camera Please note: • If the photo includes a child/children under 18 years of age, the applicants must obtain prior parental consent. Without this we will be unable to share the photographs. Winners will be selected by The Asia Foundation. Deadline for submission of competition entries: August 31, 2020. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook to learn more about our ongoing programs!