09 Jan

An evolving platform to learn and share values - District Level Trainings on the Values Curriculum

Venue : Sri Lanka
Date : 01/09/2019
Time : 09:15 AM

The much-awaited district-level Values Curriculum roll-outs (August 26th to October 5th) were successfully concluded. We were able to witness many youth leaders and activists (between the ages 18 to 29) attending the training with much enthusiasm to learn and share values that are close to their hearts. With the support of Sarvodaya and The National Youth Services Council, the trainings were organized in each of the six project locations; Kalutara, Vavuniya, Mannar, Trincomalee, Kurunegala and Ampara. Each roll-out ran for 5 days in each district; the first two days were dedicated to providing a refresher training to the youth trainers while the next three days were one-day Values Curriculum workshops conducted by the trained youth trainers for a group of 25 youth participants each day. The trainers received continuous guidance and support from Values4all mentors, Mr. Ramzi Zaindeen and Ms. Thevuni Kotigala. Over 450 youth participants who joined the trainings were from a range of district-level youth organizations including Sarvodaya, The National Youth Services Council, Rotaract, Kalutara Youth Foundation, Bridging Lanka Organization (Mannar), Young Star Youth Organization Kinniya (Trincomalee), Women Rural Development Society (Trincomalee), Hopeful Volunteers (Ampara) and Genius7 (Ampara). The roll-outs consisted of experience sharing, reflection sessions and interactive activities to help the youth understand the importance of Values in their daily life. We have received positive feedback from both youth trainers and participants on their experience during the roll-out. Overall, over 50% of the trainers improved their level of understanding of the Values Curriculum with a significant high of 97% from the district of Kurunegala. Almost all participants are interested in using the Values Curriculum training within their own networks (schools, clubs and professional organizations) which was especially seen among youth in Trincomalee (92%). With the conclusion of this first phase of the Values Curriculum roll-outs, we will be moving into the second phase – scheduled to commence in mid-October. If you are a young person interested in learning more about values, do feel free to contact us by reaching us via our website or through our Facebook and Twitter pages. We also invite any of you interested to know more about the Values Curriculum to download the Values4all mobile app Values4all mobile app on your android device.